This report was produced by a consultant, William Nelson, who worked with an ad hoc committee. Its purpose is to outline a plan to develop a sustainable business model for NACTA as a professional association. As such, it is provided to the NACTA leadership and membership to be used as a blueprint to guide the development of a vision that will lead NACTA into the future.

2017 Visioning Report

Have you ever wanted to take your students on a global professional development immersion experience?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually go on a global professional development experience to learn best practices of HOW to conduct a global immersion experience?

The PSU Global Teach Ag! Initiative Team is proud to partner with the Center for Engaged Learning Abroad (C.E.L.A.) Belize to offer an exciting first-time global professional development experience where you can EXPERIENCE the EXPERIENCE! Travel to beautiful San Ignacio, Belize from June 17-June 23rd for a unique, interactive professional development experience.

Learn more here:


Three Fast Facts

  1. Limited Space. Register asap. This is meant to be a small gathering of like-minded professionals.
  2. Target Audiences: Secondary Agricultural Teachers; Extension Educators; College of Agriculture Sciences Faculty; Study Abroad Professionals; Pre-Service Candidates of agricultural education
  3. Assistance in obtaining Graduate Credit available on a case-by-case basis
If you have questions or would like to discuss more, please don’t hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call- 814-863-0192


Don’t forget that the January 27th  Online Global Learning in Agriculture Conference (#GLAG17) registration is open and spots are filling fast.
Fifty dollars reserves you (or your class) a place!
Daniel D. Foster, Ph.D.
Innovation Specialist/Agricultural Teacher Educator
Global Teach Ag! Initiative
The Pennsylvania State University
814-863-0192; f: 814-863-4753
Skype: daniel.douglas.foster

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 Share your Agricultural Education Best Practices with the World!



The Penn State Global Teach Ag! Initiative is seeking ten “Best Practice” blog posts of 500 words to share on the Agrilinks blog as part of the USAID-funded InnovATE Project.
It’s the opportunity to showcase successful aspects of your agricultural education program with agricultural educators around the world!
Blogs should be focused on a very specific topic (see suggested topics below), be written in a concise and engaging manner, and include at least one visual aid. 


Who can submit?

Any U.S. agricultural educator involved with a formal or non-formal agricultural education program at any level.

  1. Share with a large, new population that agricultural education is alive and well in the United States
  2. Showcase best practices for agricultural education to inspire fellow professionals engaged in agricultural education around the world
  3. Selected bloggers who successful complete by deadline will receive a $500 honorarium.



The blogs will be published over the next year on the Agrilinks blog. Read the first post. Sign up now to schedule a date between now and July 2017!


How can I get involved?

  1. See the suggested blog topics on the next page and select 1-2 that are of interest to you.
  2. Contact Daniel Foster, Global Teach Ag! Innovation Specialist: 814-863-0192, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., @FosterDanielD. 
** Include your name, organization and topics of interests in your message.


Example Possible Blog Topics (*Other specific ideas are welcome!)

  1. Selecting youth leaders: utilizing a nominating committee to capture community input
  2. Training and developing youth leaders: creating individual development plans
  3. Designing a program of activities for a youth organization
  4. Committees: how to make them work in a youth organization
  5. Using the youth organization to meet both curriculum and community needs: service learning
  6. Utilizing fundraising to meet curricula needs and develop financial literacy
  7. Supervising the placement of agricultural job interns
  8. The on-farm/site visit of agriculture production student projects??
  9. Supporting youth agricultural entrepreneurial efforts
  10. Utilizing an agriscience research project to explore student interests
  11. Hosting a year-end community celebration – the banquet
  12. Designing competitive events to encourage agricultural skill development
  13. Providing awards for outstanding student record keeping and projects
  14. Creating an ag career celebration day
  15. Community agricultural fairs and expositions
  16. The power of public speaking about agriculture
  17. Teaching basic recordkeeping in agriculture
  18. Teaching basic rules of order for successful meetings
  19. Using on-site agriculture facilities for successful learning experiences
  20. Using authentic problems in classroom instruction

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