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You may download an annual report file below:

June 2008 Annual Report

June 2009 Annual Report

June 2010 Annual Report

June 2011 Annual Report

June 2012 Annual Report

June 2013 Annual Report

June 2014 Annual Report

June 2015 Annual Report




Download this file (2011 NACTA Annual Reports Table of Contents.pdf)June 2011 Reports[June 2011 Reports]460 kB
Download this file (June 2012 Reports.pdf)June 2012 Reports.pdf[June 2012 Reports]199 kB
Download this file (June 2013 Reports.pdf)June 2013 Reports.pdf[June 2013 Reports]194 kB
Download this file (NACTA EXEC MTG reports June2014.pdf)June 2014 Reports[June 2014 Reports]1786 kB
Download this file (REPORTS All June08 for Website.pdf)June 2008 Reports[June 2008 Reports]140 kB
Download this file (REPORTS JUNE 09 WEBSITE.pdf)June 2009 Reports[June 2009 Reports]255 kB
Download this file (REPORTS-ALL JUNE2010.pdf)June 2010 Reports[June 2010 Reports]503 kB

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