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The NACTA Distinguished Educator Award is presented to a NACTA member with ten years or more of service to post-secondary education in agriculture. Criteria for the award is based on evidence of meritorious service to post-secondary education in agriculture including service to NACTA (promotion, support or involvement with the organization) and involvement with one or more of the following: teaching, educational research, or educational administration.
This award, administered by the NACTA Executive Committee, consists of Life membership in NACTA and a plaque to be presented at the annual conference.

Year Recipient Institution
1976 John A. Wright Louisiana Polytechnic Institute
1977 G. Carl Schowengerdt Southeast Missouri State College
1978 Murray A. Brown Sam Houston State University
1979 Robert A Alexander Middle Tennessee State University
1979 Robert D. Seif University of Illinois
1980 Darrell S. Metcalfe University of Arizona
1982 O. J. Burger Cal State University-Fresno
1982 Edward C. Frederick University of Minnesota-Waseca
1982 Paul E. Sanford Kansas State University
1983 Frank R. Carpenter Kansas State University
1983 Thomas J. Stanly Stephen F. Austin State University
1984 Hal B. Barker Louisiana State University
1984 A. W. "Tom" Burger University of Illinois
1984 Franklin E. Eldridge University of Nebraska
1984 Jack C. Everly University of Illinois
1984 J. Keith Justice Abilene Christian University
1985 Russell L. Miller Louisiana State University
1986 H. Bradford Craig North Carolina State University
1987 Robert R. Shrode University of Tennessee
1988 J. Wayland Bennett Texas Tech University
1989 Lee W. Doyen Cloud County Community College
1989 E. Grant Moody Arizona State University
1990 John R. Campbell Oklahoma State University
1991 Ted E. Hartung University of Nebraska
1993 David J. Mugler Kansas State University
1993 Robert C. Sorensen University of Nebraska
1993 Charles E. Stufflebeam Southwest Missouri State University
1993 Thomas M. Sutherland Colorado State University
1994 G. M. "Mike" Jenkinson University of Guelph
1994 James L. Oblinger North Carolina State University
1995 Marion E. Ensminger Agriservices Foundation
1995 Detroy E. Green Iowa State University
1995 Robert M. McGuire State University of New York
1995 James Mortensen Pennsylvania State University
1997 Thomas J. Lindahl University of Wisconsin-Platteville
1997 Gerry L. Posler Kansas State University
1998 W. Anson Elliot Southwest Missouri State University
1999 Joseph J. Jen Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
2000 Larry J. Connor University of Florida
2000 John M. White Virginia Tech
2001 R. Kirby Barrick University of Illinois
2001 Don M. Edwards University of Nebraska
2001 Marvin E. Oetting College of the Ozarks
2002 Graham A. Jones University of Saskatchewan
2003 Kenneth L. Esbenshade North Carolina State University
2003 Harley W. Foutch Middle Tennessee State University
2005 Larry Erpelding Kansas State University
2005 Jimmy Cheek University of Florida
2005 L.H. Newcomb The Ohio State University
2007 Linda C. Martin
Oklahoma State University
2008 Wayne L Banwart
University of Illinois
2008 Kevin J. Donnelly
Kansas State University
2008 Rick Parker
Rupert, Idaho
2009 Steven S. Waller
University of Nebraska
2009 James R. McKenna
VPI & State University
2010 Jean Gleichsner
Fort Hays State University
2010 James Wangberg
University of Wyoming
2011 Frank Robinson University of Alberta
2012 Edwin Miller Oklahoma State University
2012 Foy Mills Jr Abilene Christian University
2013 Ronald Hanson University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2014 Mike Mullen North Carolina State University

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