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The NACTA John Deere Award has been awarded jointly to a faculty member and his or her institution in each of the five geographic regions (eastern, southern, central, western and Canadian) of NACTA. The award was designed to recognize outstanding teachers and programs of agricultural business, technology and/or management in post-secondary schools and colleges. Special emphasis was placed on preparation of students for employment in the areas of management, sales, service, processing and production but not, exclusive of total program thrust. Criteria evaluated include: instructor's teaching philosophy; administrative officer evaluation; three year placement record; evaluations by current students and alumni; and continued professional development of the faculty member.
The recipient received a plaque and a monetary award ($500 for the faculty member and $500 for the program) presented at the annual conference.
** The John Deere Award was switched from regional awards to one award given annually in 2003!

Year Recipient Institution Region
1987 Fred Bach SUNY Agr & Tech-Morrisville, NY Eastern
1988 Clinton O. Jacobs University of Arizona Western
1989 Earl E. Baugher Kansas State University Central
1990 Victor A. Bekkum Iowa State University Central
1992 Morton M. Boyd Iowa State University Central
1993 Billy R. Harrell Sam Houston State University, TX Southern
1995 Crowell G. Bowers, Jr. North Carolina State University Southern
1996 Jack L. Schinstock University of Nebraska-Lincoln Central
1997 Ronald J. Hanson University of Nebraska-Lincoln Central
1998 Ron E. Deiter Iowa State University Central
1998 Foy D. Mills, Jr. Abilene Christian University, TX Southern
2000 Larry S. Click Tennessee Tech University Southern
2001 Roger D. Hanagriff Sam Houston State University Southern
2002 Carlos Rosencrans, Jr. New Mexico State State University Western
2003 Byron T. French University of Florida Southern
2004 Keith J. Karnok University of Georgia Southern
2005 Richard Steffen Southern Illinois University Central
2007 Herman A. Sampson III North Carolina State University Southern
2008 Philip Buriak University of Illinois Central
2010 Tom Carr University of Illinois Central
2015 Teresa Lanker Ohio State University-Agricultural Technical Institute Eastern

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