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Awards not given every year.
Year Recipient Institution
1975 Robert C. Sorensen University of Nebraska - Lincoln
1976 Donald M. Elkins Southern Illinois University
1977 Thomas L. Frey University of Illinois
1978 Gerry L. Posler Kansas State University
1979 Darrell A. Miller University of Illinois
1980 John C. Shickluna Michigan State University
1981 Earl E. Baugher Kansas State University
1982 Bryan W. Schurle Kansas State University
1983 Michael E. Dikeman Kansas State University
1984 Anne Johnson University of Nebraska - Lincoln
1985 Lowell E. Moser University of Nebraska - Lincoln
1986 Larry E. Erpelding, Jr. Kansas State University
1988 Mary L. Albrecht Kansas State University
1990 John W. Slocombe Kansas State University
1991 Danny E. Terry Central Missouri State University
1992 Dennis R. Brink University of Nebraska - Lincoln
1993 Linda C. Martin Kansas State University
1994 Andrew Barkley Kansas State University
1995 Jamie M. Cano Ohio State University
1996 Ronald J. Hanson University of Nebraska - Lincoln
1997 Robert J. Stephenson Fort Hays State University
2001 Wayne L. Banwart University of Illinois
2002 Cleora J. D`Arcy University of Illinois
2003 Robert M. Skirvin University of Illinois
2004 Darrel J. Kesler University of Illinois
2005 Shelly Schmidt University of Illinois
2006 Prasanta K. Kalita University of Illinois
2007 Bonnie S. Walters University of Wisconsin, River Falls
2008 Richard P. Waldren University of Nebraska, Lincoln
2009 Tom Carr University of Illinois
2010 Walter Hurley University of Illinois
2011 Ann Marie VanDerZanden Iowa State University
2012 Curtis Ray Youngs Iowa State University
2013 Cynthia Haynes Iowa State University
Awards not given every year.
Year Recipient Institution
1977 Paul R. Shellenberger Pennsylvania State University
1979 Robert M. McGuire SUNY - Cobleskill
1980 David Blumenfield Delaware Valley College
1982 Edwin D. Carpenter University of Connecticut
1984 Lulian Prundeanu Delaware Valley College
1988 Craig Hill Delaware Valley College
1991 Frederick R. Hofsaess Delaware Valley College
1992 Edgar P. Yoder Pennsylvania State University
1993 David Hall Pennsylvania State University
1994 Douglas Goodale SUNY - Cobleskill
2001 Allen P. Zimmerman The Ohio State University
2008 Rodney Gilbert Delaware Valley College
2009 Rama Radhakrishna Pennsylvania State University
2010 Mark A. Russell Purdue University
2012 M. Susie Whittington Ohio State University
Awards not given every year.
Year Recipient Institution
1973 Donald A. Emery North Carolina State University
1974 Robert R. Shrode University of Tennessee
1975 Kenneth D. Wilson West Texas State University
1976 Russell L. Miller Louisiana State University
1977 Robert L. Beck University of Kentucky
1978 Maurice G. Cook North Carolina State University
1980 Charles G. Wright North Carolina State University
1981 Robert P. Patterson North Carolina State University
1982 Miles H. Lovinggood Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
1983 H. F. Perkins University of Georgia
1984 Glen Hembry Louisiana State University
1985 Robert A. Godke Louisiana State University
1986 Joe T. Davis University of Kentucky
1987 Lynn G. Turner North Carolina State University
1988 Gary E. Moore Louisiana State University
1990 Kevin J. Donnelly Oklahoma State University
1991 Larry S. Click Tennessee Tech University
1993 Bryce H. Lane North Carolina State University
1994 Herman Sampson North Carolina State University
1995 Keith J. Karnok University of Georgia
1996 Don Hall University of Florida
1997 Foy Mills, Jr. Abilene Christian University
2001 Arnold W. Oltmans North Carolina State University
2002 Rick D. Rudd University of Florida
2003 Douglas C. Needham Oklahoma State University
2004 Michael T. Olexa University of Florida
2006 David S. Buchanan Oklahoma State University
2007 Shelly R. Sitton Oklahoma State University
2008 Ricky W. Telg University of Florida
2009 Stephen Damron Oklahoma State University
2010 Thomas Kuzmic Oklahoma State University
2011 Jeannette A. Moore North Carolina State University
2013 Stanley Kelley Sam Houston State University
2014 Kimberly Moore University of Florida
Awards not given every year.
Year Recipient Institution
1978 Thomas I. Gunn California State University - Fresno
1979 Thomas M. Sutherland Colorado State University
1980 Clinton O. Jacobs University of Arizona
1981 Ronald W. Hilwig University of Arizona
1982 Dale W. Weber Oregon State University
1983 Kenneth L. Casavant Washington State University
1984 Scott C. Matulich Washington State University
1985 John C. Buckhouse Oregon State University
1986 Steven H. Sharrow Oregon State University
1988 Philip R. Zurbrick University of Arizona
1990 William A. Schurg University of Arizona
1991 Andrew G. Huber Oregon State University
1993 Carl W. Hunt University of Idaho
1994 Laurie Stenberg Nichols University of Idaho
1995 Tom Field Colorado State University
1996 Nancy A. Irlbeck Colorado State University
1997 Penelope L. Diebel Oregon State University
2000 Douglas A. Pals University of Idaho
2005 Jeffory Hattey Oklahoma State University
2006 Brenda S. Seevers New Mexico State University
2013 Tracy Dougher Montana State University

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