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In-class writing assignments were administered to an upper level animal science production class to enhance students’ exposure to writing and to facilitate learning and application of course material. Results from pre- and post-survey assessments indicated that these writing assignments gave students more confidence in writing, as they were less nervous about the writing process at the end of the semester (P<0.05), had greater confidence in constructing graded compositions (P<0.05) and had an improvement in overall self-perceived writing ability (P<0.05). Students indicated the writing assignments helped them learn to better express ideas through writing (P<0.05) and that they had a better feeling about handing in well-done com-positions at the end of the semester (P<0.05). Students acknowledged that writing allowed them to more thoroughly think through concepts (P=0.06). More than half (58%) indicated that the writing assignments assisted in a more thorough understanding of course material and 65% reported the writing assignments were relevant and useful toward overall learning in class. The in-class writing assignments served as a successful mechanism for improving course content comprehension, as well as increasing students’ exposure and confidence with writing.


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