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To determine the acceptability and effectiveness of a student-driven recitation course in enhancing student learning of nutritional biochemistry, student data derived from upper-level dietetics and human nutrition majors was compared between those enrolled in the required three-credit hour lecture course only (n=84) and those enrolled in the lecture plus optional supplementary one-credit hour recitation course (n=89). Both lecture and recitation were led by the same course instructor. Recitation students were required to post questions to the recitation course wiki, which the instructor used to generate discussion and further questions from the students during recitation. Results demonstrated that final course grade averages were higher among students enrolled in recitation, 83.5% ± 10.1 vs. 78.8% ± 11.7 (p< 0.05) and attendance was better, 6.2 ± 1.2 vs. 5.6 ± 1.4 days (7 random attendance days, p< 0.001). Over 70% of students found recitation to be helpful or very helpful in clarifying class material and preparing for course exams (p< 0.001). Two-thirds of students stated they would recommend recitation to a peer. These positive results indicate the student-driven recitation was delivered appropriately to meet student learning needs in a manner that required minimal course preparation by the instructor.



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