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Although many students enrolled in the Golf and Sports Turf Management program at Mississippi State University are well prepared for the science of turfgrass management upon graduation, skills such as crew supervision, budgeting decisions, and time/staff management are difficult concepts to effectively deliver in a classroom environment. The objectives of this experiential learning opportunity were for students enrolled in PSS 4414 (Turfgrass Management) to experience the realities of hosting a major Professional Golf Association (PGA) tour event, interact with PGA tour agronomists to learn about the agronomic decision making process, witness how a golf course superintendent manages a crew, and develop contacts within the turfgrass industry. Students volunteered at the Sanderson Farms Championship PGA event in Jackson, MS from 4-9 November 2014. Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model was used as the theoretical framework for this learning activity. Qualitative research methods were used to collect and analyze the findings related to this learning experience. Students were asked specific questions before, during, and after the event to guide their reflection. A total of five research questions were used to investigate the results and findings were reported for each question. Students were able to witness organizational strategies, how to handle disgruntle employees, and effective communication skills. Also, several students either performed or discussed with the course maintenance crew about site specific tasks implemented at the PGA event. These are all invaluable experiences students can draw upon when entering the workforce. 
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