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This study focused on Tuskegee University forestry/ natural resources management graduates’ perspectives about persistence in forestry/natural resources management careers. Data collection occurred via descriptive, simple random sample. Study population consisted of all graduates of Tuskegee’s forestry/natural resources management programs who are employed in or seeking employment in the forestry/natural resources management professions. The population included those who graduated from Tuskegee University and those who transferred and graduated from host universities. The objectives were to describe the perceptions of African Americans persistence in careers in the forestry/natural resources management professions, to identify what demographic characteristics can be used to explain variance in the perceptions and to obtain preliminary data that provide insight and can inform the professions of ways to retain African American employees in the forestry/natural resources management careers. When asked “what gave you strength to persist in your job,” the respondents reported confidence in my ability, family love and support and my faith in God and/or the good- ness of mankind, I need the job to support myself and family, support from a Black and/or Caucasian col- league(s), support of my organization’s upper management and other.
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