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Volume 58 - Number 1, March 2014
1   March 2014 Issue
  Miriah Pace

2   NACTA Cover
  Miriah Pace

3   NACTA Info/Table of Contents
  Miriah Pace

4   Animal Science Student Perceived Benefits of Participation in an Undergraduate Research Club
  E.L. Karcher and N.L. Trottier

5   Predicting Student Leadership in Agricultural Professional Preparation Organizations
  David M. Rosch

6   The Perceptions of the Quality of Education Received from PhD Graduate Teaching Assistant Instructors through the Eyes of Four Agricultural Education Preservice Teachers
  N.W. Conner and E.D. Rubenstein

7   Characteristics of Student Success in a Graduate Physiology Course
  F.C. Gwazdauskas and M.L.McGilliard

8   The Role of Socialization in College of Agriculture Master’s Students Persistence in College
  Danielle E. Hammond and Candice Shoemaker

9   Engaging Undergraduate Students from Two Institutions in a Multicultural Synchronously Taught Agriculture Course
  Kevin D. Gibson and Tamara J. Benjamin, Bridgett R.K. Chapin, Christian Y. Oseto and Anne M. Lucietto

10   Teaching Agribusiness Export Plans via International Video Teleconference – Perceptions, Problems and Pointers
  S. Kumarappan and K. Hostetler, S. Angles

11   Resistance to Integrating Management and Economics Courses Across the Natural Resources and Agricultural Curricula
  James M. Simons, Thomas J. Straka, Lawrence R. Gering and Robert F. Polomski

12   Effectiveness of Primary School Agriculture Teachers in Swaziland
  Daniel Sibanda, Barnabas M Dlamini and Jethro M Simelane

13   An Examination of the Use of Reusable Learning Objects to Alter Agricultural Students’ Attitudes and Opinions Regarding International Settings
  M’Randa R. Sandlin, Theresa Pesl Murphrey, James R. Lindner and Kim E. Dooley

14   College Students’ Knowledge of Sustainable Agriculture and its Implications on the Agricultural Education Curriculum
  Isaac Sitienei, Douglas G. Morrish

15   NACTA Reprint - 2001
  Josué López and M. Susie Whittington

16   Teaching Tips/Notes
  Miriah Pace

17   Book Reviews
  Miriah Pace

18   NACTA Membership Form and Committee Members
  Miriah Pace

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