Teaching Award of Excellence Award Recipients

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Teaching Award of Excellence Award Recipients

(Formally The Ensminger-Interstate Distinguished Teacher Award)


2012        Prasanta Kalita                       University of Illinois

2011        Bonnie S Walters                    University of Wisconsin-River Falls

2009        Shelly Schmidt                       University of Illinois

2008        Robert M. Skirvin                    University of Illinois

2007        Foy D Mills Jr                          Abilene Christian University

2006        Rick Rudd                               University of Florida, Ag Education & Communication

2005        Wayne Banwart                      University of Illinois, Environmental Soil Science

2004        Allen Zimmerman                  Ohio StateUniversity-ATI

2002        Ronald J. Hanson                  University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Agricultural Economics

2001        Linda C. Martin                        Kansas State University, Animal Science

2000        Donald W. Hall                        University of Florida, Entomology

1997        Keith J. Karnok                        University of Georgia, Agronomy

1996        Gary E. Moore                          North Carolina State University, Ag & Extension Education

1995        Bryan Schurle                          Kansas State University, Agricultural Economics

1994        Bryce H. Lane                          North Carolina State University, Horticultural Science

1993        Merle D. Cunningham            Purdue University, Animal Science

1992        Russell E. Mullen                    Iowa State University, Agronomy

1991        Thomas E. Loynanchan         Iowa State University, Agronomy

1991        Miles McKee                             Kansas State University, Animal Science & Industry

1990        Jimmy G. Cheek                      University of Florida, Ag & Extension Education

1989        Max B. McGhee                        University of Florida, Ag & Extension Education

1988        Donald F. Post                         University of Arizona, Soil Science

1987        Gerry L. Posler                         Kansas State University, Agronomy

1986        A.W. Burger                              University of Illinois-Urbana, Agronomy

1985        Charles L. Rhykerd                 Purdue University, Agronomy

1984        Lyndon N. Irwin                        Southwest Missouri State University, Animal Science

1983        Clinton O. Jacobs                    University of Arizona, Ag Education

1982        Robert P. Patterson                 North Carolina State University, Crop Science

1981        Lee W. Doyen                           Cloud County Community College, Agribusiness

1980        Thomas M. Sutherland           Colorado State University, Animal Breeding & Genetics

1979        Maurice G. Cook                      North Carolina State University, Soil Science

1978        Thomas L. Frey                        University of Illinois, U.C., Ag Economics

1977        Donald M. Elkins                      Southern Illinois University, Plant Science

1976        Robert R. Shrode                     University of Tennessee, Animal Science

1975        Henry D. Foth                            Michigan State University, Soil Science

1974        Donald A. Emery                      North Carolina State University, Crop Science

1973        John R. Campbell                    University of Missouri, Dairy Science

1972        David J. Mugler                         Kansas State University, Dairy Science

1971        James L. Ahlricks                    Purdue University, Agronomy

1970        Monroe R. Krummow              Sam Houston State University, Dairy Science

1969        Frederick E. Beckett                 Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, Ag Engineering

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