Teaching Award Of Excellence Checklist

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(Must be included with nomination packet)


** Note: All recipients are expected to attend the NACTA Awards Conference and Banquet. NACTA does not cover expenses: registration, travel, lodging, meals, etc.

  • Nomination packet with label is due via website submission by 11:59PM March 1st.
  • A photograph and short biography of each award recipient will be included in the awards program at the annual conference. Submit a biography not to exceed 250 words in WordPerfect or Word format, along with a good picture in the form of a JPG or GIF file (the larger/better quality, the better your picture will be). The biography and picture should be sent via e-mail to the Chair of the Teacher Recognition Committee.
  • Cover page - Include: addresses, phone numbers & e-mail information for nominee & nominator.
  • Divider 1: NACTA Teaching Award of Excellence Checklist.
  • Divider 2: Nominator's letter addressed to the Chair of the Teacher Recognition Committee, including:

A. Evidence of a current Active NACTA Membership and teaching appointment 

B.  The year that you received both the NACTA Teacher Fellow (must have been 5 years previous or earlier) and the Regional Teaching Award (must have been 3 years previous or earlier).

  • Divider 3: Teaching Philosophy (Not to exceed 5 typewritten double-spaced pages).
  • Divider 4: Promotion and Enhancement of Teaching Statement.
  • Divider 5a: Course Evaluations (Last 3 years - include instrument).
  • Divider 5b: Teacher Evaluation forms (No more than 10 from current students).
  • Divider 6: Alumni Evaluation forms (5-10 used from last five year's graduates).
  • Divider 7: Administrative Officer Evaluation forms (Minimum of one, but not more than three - Department Head, Associate Dean, Dean). Evidence that the nominee has been on a full-time appointment involving at least 25% teaching for at least five of the past seven years is required (refer to Administrative Form, found on the main page**).
  • Divider 8: Peer Evaluation forms (Minimum of one, but not more than three - enhanced by peers outside of your institution).
  • Divider 9: Involvement or contributions to NACTA.
  • Divider 10: Nominee Self-Evaluation which should address the following:
    1. Availability to students.
    2. Ability to attract and motivate students.
    3. Use of current, innovative and effective teaching methods.
    4. Current in subject matter.
    5. Scholarly activities related to teaching.
    6. Active participation in departmental and institutional affairs.
    7. Mediator of the campus culture and link to the public.
    8. Student related activities (e.g. advisor to clubs, student recruitment, etc.)
  • Divider 11: Nominee's resume/vita, limited to 4-pages total.


Updated January 17, 2012.

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