Volume 27 - Number 1, March 1983
1   Leadership Education for Agricultural Students
  Leverne A. Barrett

2   Using Chronologies in the Training of Students
  A.A. Fleming

3   Optional Computer Multiple Choice Quizzes Affect Student Grade Performance???
  Daymon W. Thatch

4   Diffusing Low Energy Agricultural Technology to Florida Professionals
  Carl E. Beeman, Jimmy G. Cheek, and Ellen S. Kelbert

5   Teaching, Research, Extension: Exploitation of Complementary
  James D.Libbin and Lowell B. Catlett

6   Students' Feelings Toward Advisors
  Albert J. Allen and Johnny Jones

7   Training in Agribusiness for Occupational Choice
  Mark R. Edwards and Michael W. Woolverton

8   Improving Graduate Education in Plant Physiology Through an Interdisciplinary Approach
  Laurence D. Moore

9   Student Motivation
  David L. Kittrell and Gary E. Moore

10   Training Foreign Students; Implications for Teachers and Agricultural Programs
  H. Gene Peuse

11   The International Dimension as a Valid University Function
  Jerry B. Eckert and Kenneth C. Nobe

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