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Volume 28 - Number 2, June 1984
1   Canadian Enrollment in Faculties of Agriculture in Canada - 1983
  G.M. Jenkinson

2   Freshman - Upperclass Student Partnership
  Galen W. Dodge and Scott S. Glup

3   How Management by Objectives (MBO) Works at a Montana State U. Department
  Max L. Amberson

4   A Future for Agriculture
  J. David McCracken and L.H. Newcomb

5   1983 Computer Use in Poultry Science Curricula
  G.M. Pesti and R.K. Noles

6   One Teacher's Experience - A Computerized Grade Book
  Robert O. Burton, Jr.

7   Student and Professional Assessment of Instructional Slide-Tape Modules
  Robert C. Sorensen and Myra S. White

8   Academic Background and Student Performance in Beginning Crop Science
  A.W. Burger and R.D. Seif

9   Guidebook for Evaluating Teaching Part III: Collecting Evaluative Information About Teaching: Other Student Sources and Colleagues
  Larry A. Braskamp, Dale C. Brandenburg, Eileen Kohen, John C. Ory, and Paul W. Mayberry

10   International Agriculture - Extension Education System in the Third World
  Kamiar Kouzekanani and R. Kirby Barrick

11   Agricultural Education: Definitions and Implications for International Development
  D. Craig Anderson

12   The " World Food Situation" As an Initial Lesson Theme in an Introductory Poultry Science
  S.J. Bowen, B. Howarth, Jr., and K.W. Washburn

13   Landscape Design Students to Use Computer Software
  Bradley W. Pedersen

14   "101" Idependent Projects for Applied Microbiology
  Raidel L. Pettibone and Daniel Y.C. Fung

15   Faculty Movement and Composition Within a Land Grant Institution
  Thomas R. Harris and John D. Malloy

16   Optimal Readiness Testing: Giving Students a Choice
  Frank W. Woods

17   Community Involvement in Technical Education
  Robert M. Collins

18   Recent Ag Program Graduates Provide Valid Data Base for Programmatic Decisions
  Herbert Schumann and James Casey

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