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Volume 29 - Number 1, March 1985
1   1984 Student Enrollment in Faculties of Agriculture in Canada
  G.M. Jenkinson

2   Personality Type Factors of Faculty and Students Implications for Agriculture College Teaching
  Leverne Barrett, Robert Sorensen, Ted Hartung

3   Involving Students in a Recruiting Process
  Mary Taylor Haque

4   Evaluating the Impact of An Undergraduate Program
  J.C.M. Shute, D.G. Grieve, G.M. Jenkinson, and R. Protz

5   Students Perspective of Advising Effectiveness
  David M. Saxowsky and Jay A. Leitch

6   Microcomputers in Teaching Agricultural Price Analysis
  Thomas P. Drinka

7   Microcomputer Graphics as as Instructional Aid in a Commodity Futures Course
  Thomas R. Harris

8   Microcomputer Education in Landscape Architecture Design / Build Practice
  Paul Po-Siu Hsu and Betsy Boehm Hsu

9   Overcoming Animal Breeding Teaching Problems
  John P. Carlson

10   A Note-Taking Strategy for Introduction Soil Science Lectures
  K.A. Barbarick

11   Competencies of Agronomy Graduates
  Alvin Larke, Jr., Luther B. Hughes, Jr., Richard E. Linhardt, and

12   Peer Response: An Effective Way to Incorporate Writing Into the Classroom
  Thomas B. Brumback, Jr.

13   Agribusiness Field Trip from an Educational Perspective
  Thomas R. Harris and William O. Champney

14   Financial Value Estimation as an Analogy to Breeding Value Estimation
  F.A. Thrift and D.K. Aaron

15   Micro-Teaching Provides Realistic Learning
  James E. Diamond and M. Joy Cantrell

16   International Agriculture: Nigerian Study Reports Teacher Professional Competencies Need by Agricultural Colleges
  Stephen S. Okatahi and Richard F. Welton

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