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Volume 30 - Number 1, March 1986
1   1985 Student Enrollment in Faculties of Agriculture in Canada
  G.M. Jenkinson

2   The Administrative Role of the Department Chair
  Bill Middlebrook and Tom Trail

3   Needed: Coursework Addressing Agricultural Stress
  M.J.A. Barclay, J.P. Carlson, and C.A. Carlson

4   Teaching and Learning Problem: Alcohol Use
  D.F. Warring

5   Cheating on Multiple Choice Exams is Difficult to Assess Quantitatively
  D.B. Marx and D.E. Longer

6   Demographic Profile of Students Majoring in Animal Science
  T.A. Mollett and E.K. Leslie

7   Product Evaluation of Instructional Programs
  David C. Drueckhammer and James P. Key

8   Factors Related to Farm Management Students' Preferences for Farming as a Career
  James O. Wise

9   A Survey: Background, Career Objectives and Performance of Students in Introductory Animal Science
  Ronnie L. Edwards

10   Special Considerations with Enterprise Laboratories
  Dan D. Garrison

11   Helping Students Learn by Understanding How They Think
  John E. Fulkrod

12   Course Evaluation Based On Course Objectives
  R. Kirby Barrick and Jacquelyn P. Deeds

13   Project Report - Outdoor Laboratories in Juniper Studies
  Bradley W. Pedersen

14   A Case Study: High School Students' Awareness of a Community College Agriculture Program
  Fred W. Reneau and John Kabat

15   Improving Students' Job Search Techniques
  Dee M. Wellan

16   A Tested Model: Recruitment Program
  Richard F. Welton

17   Teaching Strategies for Developing Psychomotor Skills
  Ed Osborne

18   International Agriculture: Agricultural Education in Mali
  James E. Diamond

19   Teaching Horticulture with a Human Perspective
  Madelaine Zadik

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