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Volume 30 - Number 2, June 1986
1   Using Marketing Research to Develop Student Recruiting Strategies
  Camille P. Schuster and Paul Costantino

2   Student Retention Increased by Ag Partners
  Galen W. Dodge and David L. Rocker

3   Guidelines for Coping Successfully to Avoid Burnout
  L.H. Newcomb

4   Case Study: Integration of Animal Welfare Philosophy
  M. Kathleen Hixson and John S. Avens

5   An Analysis of Four Curriculum Options Within Agricultural Economics
  Douglas R. Franklin

6   Employer Assessments of Graduates
  Josef M. Broder and Jack E. Houston

7   The Ways and Hows of Incorporating Writing in Agricultural Courses
  David W. Cobia

8   New Format for Farm Equipment Operations Course
  James W. Rumsey

9   Relationship of Agricultural Experience and Grades Earned
  Roy D. Dillon

10   Team Teaching - Untapped Potential
  Mary T. Haque and David W. Bradshaw

11   An Example of Using Microcomputers for Student Problem Sets
  Raymond M. Leuthold

12   Microcomputer Simulation of Plant Growth
  John Ball

13   Illinois Survey of Microcomputer Usage and Needs in Community College Ag Programs
  Fred W. Reneau and Jeff Galle

14   Computerized Testing of Agriculture Students
  Blannie E. Bowen and David M. Agnew

15   Using a Commercial Spreadsheet Package for Grading
  Norman D. Reese

16   Microcomputer Assists Procedure Allows Extensive Use of Calculus in Undergraduate Agriculture Economics Courses
  John F. Yanagida, Jerrold F. McGraw and Thomas R. Harris

17   Copyright Law Impact on Microcomputer Use
  Elaine S. Reber and Linda J. Terhune

18   International Agriculture: Short-term Educational Consultants in International Agriculture
  James E. Diamond

19   Global Agricultural Systems: Simulating Reality
  Patrick W. Naughton

20   Survey Report: On Becoming a Successful International Educator
  Ismail bin Yahya and Gary E. Moore

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