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Volume 31 - Number 2, June 1987
1   College Administration -- Is It For You?
  L.S. Pope

2   Teaching French Agricultural Vocabulary
  Jacqueline Gerols

3   The Representation of Women Scientists in Land Grant Colleges of Agriculture
  Janet L. Henderson and Barbara E. Cooper

4   Form and Content: Theses and Dissertations
  Martha Davis and Duane Wolf

5   Updating Today's College Curriculum For Tomorrow's Agriculture
  Gerald D. Coorts

6   A Case Study of a Nontraditional Way to Teach a Course to the Nonagricultural Public
  A.J. Pescatore and J.M. Harter-Dennis

7   Demographics of Animal Science Students and Factors Influencing Choice of Major
  Duane E. Reese, Dennis E. Burson, Keith E. Glister, James E. Kinder, Foster G. Owen, and Dennis R. Brink

8   Toward Teaching at Higher Levels of Cognition
  L.H. Newcomb and Marilyn K. Trefz

9   Comparing Faculty and Alumni Expectations of Future Agribusiness Curriculum Content
  Steven C. Blank

10   Relationships Between Student and Professor Characteristics and Results of Evaluations
  J.A. Lockwood, G.E. Moore, and R.N. Story

11   Factors Students Consider in Selecting a University or College
  Lou E. Riesenberg

12   Computer Literacy -- An Alternative Approach
  Gene W. Lewis

13   A Microcomputer-Assisted Futures Trading Game
  Thomas P. Drinka, Jon M. King, and Darrel R. Weishaar

14   Job Satisfaction Priorities of Faculty in the College of Agriculture, University of Nebraska
  Allen G. Blezek

15   Improving the Image of Animal Science Among High School Science Teachers
  James H. Daniels, John D. Diehl, and Thomas K. Swartz

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