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Volume 33 - Number 1, March 1989
1   Trends in Baccalaureate Graduates
  Richard P. Thompson and Joseph G. Massey

2   The Influence of Recruitment Strategies Designed to Attract High-Ability Non-Traditional Students
  Harry N. Boone, Jr., L.H. Newcomb, Kenneth W. Reisch and J. Robert Warmbrod

3   High School Vocational Agriculture and Success in College
  R.Lee Cole and David A. Bokor

4   Career Perceptions of Women Faculty in Colleges of Agriculture
  Barbara E. Cooper and Janet L. Henderson

5   Excellence in Teaching
  Fred C. White

6   Canadian Diploma in Agriculture Programs 1983-87
  John R. Peters

7   Improving Oral Communications Skills Using Videotape
  Linda J. Cox and Michael V. Martin

8   Live Campus Classes on Videotape Provides New Outreach From State University to Community Colleges and Distant Learners
  Mary M. Leach, Thomas P. Drinka, and Patrick M. Stout

9   Student Safety in Agricultural College Science Classes
  James H. Daniels

10   Designing a Senior Level Livestock Marketing Course
  W.L. Mies and G.D. Harkey

11   The Introduction of Experimental Economics in the Agricultural Marketing Classroom
  Nona R. French and Steven C. Turner

12   Teaching Farm Management Using a Computer-Simulated Farm
  John R. Winter

13   Course Prerequisites and Undergraduate Student Performance
  Marshall A. Martin

14   Microcomputer Use for Agricultural Mechanics
  W. Forrest Bear

15   Plant Locator -- A Computer Program to Promote Learning Plant Identification
  Dick Pohl

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