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Volume 33 - Number 2, June 1989
1   Educational Plans of Rural Ohio Secondary Students
  J. David McCracken and Kerry S. Odell

2   Curricular Changes for Colleges of Agriculture: Student Perceptions and Future Trends
  M.F. Smith

3   Use of Alumni Survey in Curriculum Development
  David H. Trinklein and Judith A. Wells

4   Basic vs Target Programs in Developing Curricula in Agricultural Economics
  Philip R. Eberle and Roger J. Beck

5   Student Writing in the Curriculum: Not Just for English Majors
  Keith L. Smith, Richard Poling, and Emmalou Van Tilburg

6   More On Writing in Agricultural Courses
  Kerry W. Tudor

7   Skills and Characteristics Needed By Undergraduates Choosing a Career in Agricultural Sales
  Kim Harris

8   A Hands-On Method of Teaching Horse Training Skills to Students of Varying Levels of Experience
  M.M. Vogelsang, S.P. Webb, and G.D. Potter

9   Informational Data Bases for International Training and Human Resource Development
  D.R. Minnick

10   Improving the Resident Instruction Evaluation System
  Joe G. Harper and Ronald L. Shane

11   Faculty Perceptions of Cognitive Skills Enhanced Undergraduate Agriculture Courses
  Robert J. Birkenholz

12   Relationship of Cognitive Level of Instruction Students' Cognitive Level of Achievement
  Janet C. Pickford and L.H. Newcomb

13   Assessing Experiential Learning
  Dennis C. Scanlon

14   Experiential Learning Models for Training Programs
  H. Gene Peuse

15   Agricultural Teacher Education Programs in China
  Chi Zhang and Barbara A. Holt

16   Foreign Students' Perception of Home Country Development Role
  F. Richard Rohs and Lenita D. Newby

17   Computerized Animal Science for Undergraduates
  C.H. Wood, C.G. Nichols, D.G. Ely, and F.A. Thrift

18   Using a Computer Simulation Program for Animal Breeding Instruction
  S.M. DeRouen, Jeffrey W. Moss, and Donald E. Franke

19   A Useful Workshop Model Provides University Faculty for Much Needed Instruction on Electricity in Agriculture
  Leon G. Schumacher and H. David Currence

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