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Volume 33 - Number 4, December 1989
1   For Personality Types of Competitive Judging Team Students and Classmates in Livestock and Horse Evaluation Classes
  Julia Snyder McCann, James C. Heird, and Dayton Y. Roberts

2   Globalization of a Course to Broaden a Curriculum and Attract Undergraduate Non-Majors
  J.R. Mckenna

3   Teaching Modular Courses in Agriculture
  D.J. Cotter, J.G. Mexal, and B.A. Buchanan

4   "But Professor, You Don't Understand, This is Not a Communications Class."
  Harold Koch and Linda S. Houston

5   Faculty Assignments at Non-Land Grant Universities
  Robert A. Lane and James E. Casey

6   Changes in Student Enrollment in Faculties of Agriculture in Canada
  G.M. Jenkinson

7   The Utilization of Spreadsheet Software for Simulating Monetary Returns of a Layer Enterprise in an Egg Production Course
  J.D. Firman and J.C. Remus

8   Challenges in Teaching Computer Applications
  Daymon W. Thatch

9   Microcomputer Instructional Modules with Batch-File-Driven Menus
  Donald Z. Goode, Jr.

10   Implications for Improving Instruction
  Coby Bunch Simerly

11   An Evaluation of Students Entering and Exiting Agriculture, Agribusiness, Biology, and Chemistry Curricula
  Paul M. Walker and J.A. Wood

12   Use of the Feedback Approach in Teaching Agricultural Courses with Small Enrollments
  Gregory K. Pompelli

13   American Long-Term Agricultural Education by Tunisian Students
  D.E. Johnson, M. Ben Dhiaf, and J.S. Tiedeman

14   Microcomputer-Based Networks for Teaching Agricultural Marketing
  Michael A. Hudson, Raymond M. Leuthold, and Steven T. Sonka

15   Innovative Fundraising - The "Soynut" Experience
  David A. Harmon and Joy Foster

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