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Volume 34 - Number 1, March 1990
1   Trends in Masters and Doctoral Graduates
  Richard P. Thompson and Joseph G. Massey

2   The Impact of Economic Conditions in Agriculture on Student Enrollments
  D.J. Menkhaus, C.T. Bastian, L.J. Held, and S.M. Cordes

3   Faculty Development Needs in Colleges of Agriculture
  Coby Bunch Simerly

4   University Program Review
  Richard Merritt and Kathleen Wilson

5   Agriculture and the Baccalaureate Core
  Herbert E. Hansen

6   Will Improved Advisement Help Student Retention?
  William O. Champney and Gordon L. Myer

7   Assessment of Experiential Education
  J.F. Fenwick and S. J. Gartin

8   Undergraduate Resource/Development Teaching Programs in the South
  Kevin T. McNamara and John C. Bergstrom

9   Linking Agricultural and Environmental Education By Integrating Environmental Concepts and Vocational Skills
  Carla A. Kirts

10   Perspectives of Forestry and Agriculture Undergraduates
  Alix Hayden and Ruth Hayden

11   Levels of Cognition Required In Undergraduate Agriculture Course
  Donald M. Johnson and Robert J. Birkenholz

12   Industry Speakers Teach Agriculture Marketing at Oklahoma State University
  Shida Rastegari Henneberry

13   Educational Objectives in Soil Morphology
  Neal B. Stolpe and David T. Lewis

14   Freshman/Sophomore Seminar Depicts Systems Approaches to Agricultural Problems
  M.R. Murphy, L.P. Fettig, and N. Sriskandarajah

15   Using Computers to Teach the Art of Management
  W. Timothy Rhodus

16   Using Logic Puzzles for Critical Thinking
  Mark E. Wilson, Roger D. Walker, and William A. Anderson

17   Teaching Soil Conservation and Non-Point Source Pollution
  W.T. Dickinson, R.P. Rudra, and G.J. Wall

18   Farm Budget Generator as a Teaching Tool
  Linda J. Cox, Gary R. Vieth, and Robet R. Coltman

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