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Volume 34 - Number 4, December 1990
1   Saskatchewan Farming to Win Course
  W.J. Brown and G. Sereda

2   A Food Industry Rapidly Turning Global Suggests Internationalizing the Food Industry Curriculum
  Herbert W. Ockerman

3   A Summary of Microcomputer Use in Agricultural Economics
  Thomas R. Harris and James R. Garrett

4   Video Provides Essential Feedback For Course in Livestock Judging
  Dan E. Eversole

5   Live Campus Classes on Videotape Provide New Outreach
  Thomas P. Drinka, Mary M. Leach, and Patrick M. Stout

6   Biotechnology in Agriculture: Science and Socio-Economic Issues
  L.G. Sterling, C.K. Halbrendt and S.L. Kitto

7   Undergraduate Trend Study of Agriculture Majors
  Walter N. Taylor

8   Interactive Television Instruction in Horse Management
  L.A. Lawrence, J.K. Hillers, and D. Peters

9   A Study of Agriculture Students in Missouri and Arkansas Non-land Grant Universities
  Danny E. Terry and Morgan D. Gray

10   Agricultural Education in Korea
  Mooyul Huh and Barbara Holt

11   A Case for Agricultural Courseware in International Instruction
  D.R. Minnick

12   Student Evaluation of Advisors
  Joseph E. Williams

13   Teaching for Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Writing
  Carl Zulauf and Charles Meier

14   Teaching Creativity for Professional Growth and Personal Reward
  Gary A. Anderson

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