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Volume 35 - Number 1, March 1991
1   Changing Patterns in Enrollment: The Canadian Faculties of Agriculture 1990
  G.M. Jenkinson

2   Time Duration Variance in Canadian Diploma in Agriculture Education Programs
  John R. Peters

3   An Agricultural College in Iraq as Observed By an American Soil Scientist
  Duane T. Gardiner

4   An Educational Approach to Student Recruitment
  M. Elaine Richardson and Thomas E. Skelton

5   Addition Of An International Option To An Undergraduate Agronomy Program
  J.R. Mckenna

6   Recruiting is Not Enough: Retention Is Essential
  Arnold Mokma, Linda S. Houston, and Allen Zimmerman

7   Attracting High School Students Through Open House Tours
  Wojciech J. Florkowski, C.L. Huang, and Xi-Ling Wu

8   A Capstone Problem Solving/Systems Course at a Two-Year Technical College
  Allen P. Zimmerman

9   Personality Typing of Students Competing On Nationally Competitive Livestock and Horse Judging Teams
  Julia S. McCann, James C. Heird, and Dayton Y. Roberts

10   Accomadating Cognitive Styles: International Or Domestic Graduate Students
  Larry E. Miller and Kathleen M. Escolme

11   Student Access to Instructional Computers As Viewed by Heads of Agricultural Economics
  Kim Jensen, Burton English, and Robert Goodman

12   Student Test Scores and Their Relationship To Order Of Test Completion
  Ron Deiter and Vern Pierce

13   Using SAS As A Gradebook
  Donald M. Johnson

14   Writing and Information Seeking Skills Developed By Multipurpose Tasks
  D.A. Munn and E. Copeland

15   A Follow-Up of Female Graduates of the College of Agriculture at Oklahoma State University From 1985 to 1989
  Andrea Martha Paret

16   What Difference Does Time Make in Alumni Responses Concerning Their Undergraduate Program?
  David Drueckhammer

17   Teaching Introductory Animal Science Utilizing Community Resources
  Joe M. Cadle

18   What Skills Do Graduates Need?
  Andrew P. Barkley

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