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Volume 35 - Number 2, June 1991
1   An Early Outreach Initiative in Agriculture
  Clinton D. Gardner

2   Participant Perceptions About Agricultural Careers
  Tracy S. Hoover and Marianne L. Houser

3   Video-Taped Food Science Courses for the Food Industry
  S.J. Goetsch and F.E. Cunningham

4   Dissection of An Academic Merit Pay System
  Tony Seykora and Janet Donlin

5   Retention of Poultry Faculty and Poultry Departments
  Joe Berry, Richard Reynells, Mike Hewlett, Tony Pescatore, and Don Bell

6   Journal Writing for Technical Courses In Writing-Across-the Curriculum
  Allen P. Zimmerman

7   Implementing a Successful Enrollment Program in a Two-year Agricultural College
  George M. Kreps

8   Developing a Career In Global Agriculture
  C.A. Francis and J.B. Youngquist

9   An Interdisciplinary Course In Holistic Problem Solving
  William L. Powers

10   Native and Transfer Students
  Donald M. Johnson, Walter N. Taylor, and Emmett T. Kohler

11   " Will This Question be on the Final Exam?"
  " Will This Question be on the Final Exam?"

12   Teaching Leadership: Principles and Approaches For An Undergraduate Leadership Course
  Ronald M. Jimmerson

13   Career Options and Actions: College of Agriculture Graduates
  M.F. Smith

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