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Volume 36 - Number 1, March 1992
1   Faculty Perceptions on Teaching Improvement
  David C. Whaley and Steven Wickler

2   Laboratory Assignments In Writing -Across-the-Curriculum
  Allen P. Zimmerman

3   Career Choices for Agriculture Graduates Depend on Regional Job Trends
  D.T. Dayberry and J.M. Dillingham

4   Agricultural Educators Abroad
  David Youmans and Ronald Rosati

5   Promotion and Tenure Issues for Two-Year College Faculty of Four-Year Instiutions
  David A. Munn, Linda H. Houston, and Royce Thornton

6   Blight in the Classroom
  Fred C. White

7   Supporting The First Year Teacher
  John P. Mundt and Laurie A. Stenberg

8   Developing Enthusiasm and Improving Student Evaluations for a Required Technical Course
  Wesley A. Greene

9   Cooperative Learning in an Introductory Course
  R.C. Sorensen, J.P Lunde, B.K. Dierberger, and D.L. McCallister

10   Agricultural Literacy: Providing a Framework For Agricultural Curriculum Reform
  Martin J. Frick, Alan A. Kahler, and W. Wade Miller

11   In-Class Exercises to Improve Learning In a Lecture Class
  R.P. Waldren

12   Readability of Required Undergraduate Agriculture Textbooks
  Mary G. Hitchner, Donald M. Johnson, and Jacquelyn P. Deeds

13   Market Profile as a Decision-Making Tool for Hedgers of Agricultural Products
  Thomas P. Drinka and Lori A. York

14   Retention of Students
  Mark D. Heitstuman and Joseph G. Cvancara

15   Qualitative and Quanitative Methods Add Depth to Recruiting Study
  Wm. Jay Jackman and Regina A. Smick-Attisano

16   A Comparison of Ideal and Realistic Career Choices Among Farm Youth
  Eric O. Hoiberg and Kazi Aziz Ahmed

17   University of Idaho Students' Perceptions of Agriculture and Careers in Agriculture
  Laurie L. Lancaster and Lou E. Riesenberg

18   Academic Interest in Competitive Undergraduate "Professional" Paper Presentations
  Donna W. Logan and Ted H. Friend

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