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Volume 37 - Number 1, March 1993
1   What Happened To Thinking?
  Rick Parker

2   The Challenged Professoriate
  David Whaley and Peggy McLaughlin

3   Encouraging Capital Improvements in Educational Activities
  Dennis M. Conley

4   Bonding With Freshmen
  Wm. W. Ellis

5   Beginning Teaching at a University The Ultimate On-the-job Training Program
  Mary A. Marchant

6   Applying Student and Faculty Personality Typing on a Two-Year College Campus
  Candice Johnson, Allen Zimmerman, Arnold Mokma, and Nancy Brooker

7   Comparative Studies of True/False, Multiple Choice and Multiple-Multiple Choice
  Beth A. Pinckney, Glenda M. Borcher, and Edgar T. Clemens

8   A Teacher-Initiated Course Review Process
  D.L McCallister, R.P. Waldren, L.E. Moser, and R.C. Sorensen

9   Strategies for Teaching Computer-Aided Design in Landscape Horticulture
  Elizabeth A.H. Mogen

10   Do Extension Adult Education Participants Use What They Are Taught?
  Larry E. Miller and Lisa Kitinoja

11   The Use of Independent Study Courses to Teach Lifelong Learning Skills
  Charles E. Cox

12   A Natural Resources Internship Program
  Robert W. Clark and Dennis C. Scanlon

13   An African Experience - Agricultural Entrepreneur Education
  Frank Bobbitt and Steve H. Goertz

14   Internationalizing Agricultural Economics Curricula
  Dale Colyer

15   1992 Student Survey
  Tim Wiens

16   Agricultural Mechanization Knowledge and Skills Needed by Students of Agriculture
  John D. Harrison, Leon G. Schumacher, and Robert J. Birkenholz

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