Volume 37 - Number 2, June 1993
1   Preparation for Professional Responsibilities
  J.R. McKenna, S.T. Reed, J.P. Fulcher, and R.N. Mankolo

2   Student Cheating: Understanding and Prevention
  Barbara K. Wade and Richard F. Stinson

3   A Tutor Effectiveness Course
  Candice Johnson, Allen Zimmerman, and Linda Houston

4   Academic Behaviors as a Function of Academic Achievement, Locus of Control & Motivational Orientation
  Nelvia C. Agnew, John R. Slate, Craig H. Jones, and David M. Agnew

5   Teaching "Experience" with Simulation Gaming: An Application of "Green Revolution/Exaction"
  Daniel J. Bernardo and Larry D. Sanders

6   Writing to Learn in Agriculture and Natural Resources Courses
  Leonora Smith, Jeffrey Charnley, and William McCall

7   Professional Dimensions of Long Term International Agricultural Development Assignments
  Joan B. Youngquist and Charles A. Francis

8   Using Computer Assisted Hypermedia In the Classroom
  Michael S. DeFelice and Michael J. Monson

9   "Consumer Satisfaction" Response from Kansas State Alumni
  Andrew P. Barkley

10   Experience Needs of College of Agriculture Graduates as Perceived by Business and Industry
  Victor A. Bekkum

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