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Volume 38 - Number 1, March 1994
1   Personality Types of Students on a Two-Year Technical College Campus
  Allen Zimmerman, Candice Johnson, and Nancy Brooker

2   Temperament-Learning Styles Associated with True/False, Multiple Choice and Multiple-Multiple Choice Exam Formats
  Glenda Borcher, Beth Pinckney, and Edd Clemens

3   Benefits Resulting from Faculty Involvement in Planning and Coordinating Adult Leadership Programs
  Wesley E. Budke

4   Pennslyvania Study: Employee and Student Perceptions of Skills and Experiences Needed for Careers in Agribusiness
  Rama B. Radhakrishna and Thomas H. Bruening

5   Case Study: Strategies for Creative Writing and Team Activites
  William C. Olien and Joe G. Harper

6   Soil Fertility Evaluation of Private Farms: Provides Students With Hands on Learning Experience
  Adam Khan

7   Portfolio Assessment: An Alternative in Evaluating Student Performance
  Ruben D. Nieto and Janet L. Henderson

8   A Comparison of Interactive Videodisc Modules to Conventional Strategy on College Students' Identification Skills and Species Knowledge of Landscape Plants
  N.L. McCaslin and Seung I. Na

9   Advising in the 90's: Assessing the Quality of the Advisor/Advisee Relationship
  Patricia D. Bedker and Allen J. Young

10   Taking the Pulse: A Case Study of Undergraduate Agriculture Students' Opinions
  David Whaley, James C. Heird, and James Pritchett

11   College Student Use of a Computer Authoring System in Agriculture
  James Legacy, Ndubisi S. Amadi and Don M. Elkins

12   Assessing College of Agriculture Freshmen
  Joseph F. Donnermeyer and George M. Kreps

13   Recruiting and Retaining Women in Agricultural and/or Biological Engineering
  Sue E. Nokes and Robert J. Gustafson

14   Impact of Long Term Foreign Assignments on Professional Activities of Faculty
  LeRoy Rogers

15   Listening: The First Step in Teaching
  D.K. Aaron and D.G. Ely

16   A Pilot Study: Assessment of Agricultural Literacy Among College Students
  Robert J. Birkenholz, Clark R. Harris, and Harry W. Pry

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