Volume 38 - Number 4, December 1994
1   An Invitation......Curriculum Change: The Need For Fundamental Redesign in Agricultural Science
  G.M. Jenkinson

2   TQM in the Classroom - A Sociological Examination of Three Techniques for Improving Classroom Exercises in a Two-Year Agricultural Institute
  George M. Kreps

3   Comparison of Teaching Among Professors Assessed as Implementing Higher Levels of Cognition in Their Classroom Discourse
  Gretchen L.T. Bowman and M. Susie Whittington

4   Educational Plans of Minority Student Participants in a University Food and Agricultural Sciences Recruitment Program
  Willie J. Rawls, Adrian Martin, Selam Negatu, and Michael Robertson

5   Two-Year College Retention Strategies for an Agricultural Mechanization Program
  David A. McCarthy

6   Reading Competence of Incoming First-Year Students at a Two-Year Technical College
  Allen Zimmerman and Linda Houston

7   An Iowa Study: Factors Affecting Agriculture Students Career Choice
  Gaylon G. Scofield

8   Utilizing Humor and the Microcomputer to Teach Income Tax Concepts in a Senior-Level Beef Cattle Science Course
  F.A. Thrift

9   Using Journal Articles to Integrate Critical Thinking With Computer and Writing Skills
  Jean A. Gleichsner

10   Inserting "World Issues" Teaching Units into Exsisting Courses Receives Positive Student Evaluations at Nebraska
  S.C Mason

11   NACTA Website Manuscript Submission Instructions for Authors Miscellaneous Links Recommend to Your Library NACTA Photo Collection The Balance of Teaching, Scholarly Activity and Service at OSU ATI
  S.J. Woods and A.L. Mokma

12   A Tool to Evaluate Horse Judging Students Perceptions of Critical Thinking and Life Skills Development
  J. Tim Potter and Maureen T. Mulroy

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