Volume 40 - Number 2, June 1996
1   Recommendations for a Successful Internship Program
  Allen Zimmerman

2   Creating Computer-based Instructional Animations
  Donald W. Hall

3   Experimental Economics in the Classroom: Reinforcing Selected Concepts Related to Consumer Demand
  Chris T. Bastian, Dale J. Menkhaus, and Alla V. Yakunina

4   Teaching Agribusiness Management in Lithuania: Developing An International Perspective for Undergraduate Teachers
  Jay T. Akridge, Steven P. Erickson, Michael Boehlje, and Aldona Kazragyte

5   Nursery Industry Perceptions of Knowledge Needs for Beginning Managers
  Matt Baker and Peggy McLaughlin

6   Evaluation of the Curriculum of a Department of Plant and Soil Science
  S.L. Kitto, W.G. Smith, J.T. Sims, A. Morehart, B. Vasilas, and J. Pesek

7   Identification and Analysis of Characteristics of Associate Degree Agriculture Students
  Rick D. Rudd, Regina A. Smick-Attisano, and Tracy S. Hoover

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