Volume 42 - Number 1, March 1998
1   Follow-Up Study of Graduates from the College of Agriculture and School of Forest Resources and Conservation from the University of Florida
  J. Osmond, T.S. Hoover, and M.P. Dougherty

2   Student Use and Perceptions of Distance Education Technologies
  Penelope L. Diebel, Michael L. McInnis, and W. Daniel Edge

3   Experiences with Peer Review of Term Projects in Undergraduate Animal Science and Textiles and Clothing Classes
  Paul O. Brackelsberg and Phyllis J. Brackelsberg

4   Student Academic Goals and Personality Type
  Robert C. Sorensen

5   Improving Listening Conditions in Agriculture and Forestry Higher Education Classrooms
  Charles M. Woodford, Anthony C. Tomkowski, and Layle D. Lawrence

6   Response Shift Bias in Student Self Report Assessments
  Frederick R. Rohs and Chris A. Langone

7   Cooperative Learning: Group Activity Projects in Reproductive Biology Instruction
  Darrel J. Kesler

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