Volume 44 - Number 4, December 2000
1   Enhancing a Botany Learning Environment
  Geroge Bostick, Gerald Van Dyke, and Jon Stucky

2   Implementing Selected Teaching Strategies to Accomodate Different Learning Styles amony Students Enrolled in an Introductory Food Science and Human Nutrition Course
  Shelly J. Schmidt and James S. Javenkoski

3   Experience with Peer Evaluations of Student Papers
  Robert C. Sorensen and Mary S. Wilhite

4   An Analysis of Experiential Learning and Instructional Techniques in AgEdS450 at Iowa State University
  Larry D. Trede and Randall J. Andreasen

5   Student Centered Learning in Agriculture and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University
  Margaret J. McMahon

6   Perceptions of Individuals With and Without Agricultural Experience on the Relation of Livestock Production and Environmental Quality
  Patricia A. Nordstrom, Martha J. Richards, Lowell L. Wilson, Timothy W. Kelsey, and Charles W. Pitts

7   A Personal Teaching Philosophy and Practice Through the Mind's Reflective Thoughts
  James E. Diamond

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