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Volume 51 - Number 2, June 2007
1   Use of an Online Survey to Measure an Equine Program's Alumni Satisfaction
  David J. Denniston and Mark Russell

2   Academic Performance of Transfer and Non-transfer Students in Introductory Agriculture Course
  Janice Branson and Bruce Green

3   Student Leader Preferences: What Students Want from Involvement in Student Organizations
  David Powell and David M. Agnew

4   Becoming Employable: A Look at Graduates' and Supervisors' Perceptions of the Skills Needed for Employability
  J. Shane Robinson, Bryan L. Garton, and Paul R. Vaughn

5   The Influential Factors First Time Enrollees Utilize When Choosing a College of Agriculture
  J. Shane Robinson, Bryan L. Garton, and Shannon G. Washburn

6   University Livestock Sale Provides an Exceptional Teaching Tool and Effective Program Support
  E. A. Dunnington, D. E. Eversole, and Pam Umberger

7   Investigating the Needs of Agricultural Education Graduates
  Brian K. Warnick, Gregory W. Thompson, and Edith Gummer

8   Meeting Diverse Needs through Student Leadership Organizations: The Dilemma of Working and Commuting Students
  David V. Powell and David M. Agnew

9   Agriculture Education Faculty: Are They Prepared for Diversity?
  B. Allen Talbert and James Edwin

10   Growing and Maintaining Viable Student Chapters of Professional Organizations: The Case of the National Agri-Marketing Association
  Cheryl J. Wachenheim

11   Reprint - Personality Type Factors of Faculty and Students Implications for Agriculture College Teaching
  Leverne Barrett, Robert Sorensen, and Ted Hartung

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