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Volume 54 - Number 1, March 2010


1   March 2010 Issue

2   Explaining Student Performance in an Undergraduate Agricultural Economics Classroom
  J.D. Vitale, S.P. Wanger, and D.C. Adams

3   Evaluating Teaching Excellence across Diverse Disciplinary Units within Agriculture Higher Education
  M. Suzanne Lang, Pat Crawford, Geoffrey Habron, Vanessa Holmes, S. Aisha Steplight Johnson, and Mike Orth

4   Perceptions of the Impact of an Equine Program on Student Satisfaction and Retention
  Lee G. Wood, Chad L. Gasser, and Dean L. Winward

5   Enhancing Active and Interactive Learning Online - Lessons Learned from an Online Introductory Agroecology Course
  Michelle S. Schroeder-Moreno

6   Valuing Teams: What Influences Student Attitudes?
  Molly Espey

7   The Effect of Previous Equine Experience on Performance and Effort Required in an Introductory Level Equine Science Class
  Shannon E. Pratt-Phillips and Sterling Schmitt

8   Creative Teaching Behaviors: A Comparison of Student and Instructor Perspectives
  Mollie S. Aschenbrener, Robert Terry, Jr., and Robert M. Torres

9   Benefits and Costs of Faculty Participation in Extra-and Co-curricular Activities
  Dixie Watts Reaves, Roger A. Hinson, and Mary A. Marchant

10   Evolution of a Liberal Education Course Linking Agriculture, the Arts, and Society
  C.M. Wood, R.E. Lyons, M.J. Ellerbrock, and D.M. Moore

11   Determining the Professional Development Needs of Faculty in a College of Agriculture
  Steven J. Rocca

12   Effectiveness and Student Demographics of Peer-Led Study Groups in Undergraduate Animal Science Courses
  M. Amstutz, K. Wimbush, and D. Snyder

13   Bachelor of Applied Sciences Degree Program: A New and Innovative Collaboration between a Land Grant University and Community Colleges
  Karen C. Williams, James K. Wangberg, and W. Reed Scull

14   NACTA Reprint: Assessment of Experiential Education
  J.F. Fenwick and S.J. Gartin

15   Teaching Tips / Notes
  Various Authors

16   NACTA Yesterday
  James McKenna

17   Book Reviews
  Various Authors

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