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Volume 54 - Number 3, September 2010
1   September 2010 Issue

2   NACTA Cover

3   NACTA Info / Table of Contents

4   Students Opinions of a Student Response System for Introductory Packaging Classes
  Rafael Auras, Valentina A. Ball, Laura Bix

5   Where Have Our Animal Science Graduates Gone?
  M.V. Dodson and Margaret E. Benson

6   What Do College Freshman Know About Agriculture? An Evaluation of Agricultural Literacy
  Sue A. Colbath and Douglas G. Morrish

7   Using Insects to Promote Science Inquiry in Elementary Classrooms
  Douglas A. Golick, Tiffany M. Heng-Moss and Marion D. Ellis

8   Demographics of an Undergraduate Animal Sciences Course and the Influence of Gender and Major on Course Performance
  Pasha A Lyvers Peffer

9   Public School Administrators' Ratings of the Biological and Physical Science Competencies Needed By Beginning Agricultural Science Instructors
  Tmothy D. Rocka and Douglas G. Morrish

10   The Impact of Participation on Freshman Experiences in a College of Agriculture
  Scott Burris, Laura Jane Ashorn, Cindy Akers, Steven Fraze, Todd Brashears and Abigail McCulloch

11   Screens-to-Nature: Opening Doors to Traditional Knowledge and Hands-on Science Education
  Joshua Kellogg, Gili Joseph, Kerstin Andrae-Marobela, Angelina Sosome, Courtney Flint, Slavko Komarnytsky, Georgie Fear, Lena Struwe, IIya Raskin, Mary Ann Lila

12   Reprint-High Mastery Levels Achieved on Verbatim-Type Responses By Use of Lecture Objectives
  Donald J. Stucky

13   Book Reviews
  Various Authors

14   Teaching Tips/ Notes

15   NACTA Yesterday
  James McKenna

16   Incoming NACTA President's Message

17   NACTA Business Meeting Minutes

18   Secretary / Treasurer Report
  Marilyn B. Parker

19   NACTA Award Recipients

20   Past Presidents of NACTA

21   2010-2011 NACTA Officers

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