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Volume 55 - Number 1, March 2011
1   March 2011 Issue

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  Various Authors

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4   Using a Teaching Partnership to Improve Nutrition and Exercise in College Students
  Naiman A. Khan, Christopher J. Nasti, Ellen M. Evans and Karen M. Chapman-Novakofski

5   Student Farms at United States Colleges and Universities: Insights Gained from a Survey of the Farm Managers
  Anna Leis, M. Susie Whittington, Mark Bennett and Matthew Kleinhenz

6   Student Evaluation Scores for Courses Delivered by Interactive Videoconferencing
  Mark Rieger, R. Elaine Turner and R. Kirby Barrick

7   Comparison between Online Activity and Performance in a Distance Education Equine Science Course
  Shannon Pratt-Phillips

8   Demographics of an Undergraduate Animal Sciences Course and the Influence of Gender and Major on Course Performance
  Pasha A Lyvers Peffer

9   An Undergraduate Summer Research and Mentorship Experience for Underrepresented Students in the Agricultural Sciences
  Justin Quetone Moss

10   Strengths and Weaknesses of Land-Grant Two Year Technical Agriculture Programs as Perceived by Program Directors
  Diana King, Dennis W. Duncan and Pavli Mykerezi

11   Agribusiness Case Study Competitions - Educational, Practical, Challenging and Rewarding
  John Foltz, Aaron Johnson and Stephen Devadoss

12   Quantifying the Critical Thinking Skills of Students Who Receive Instruction in Meat-Animal or Meat Product Evaluation
  C.C. Miller, C.C. Carr, J.H. Brendemuhl, J.C. Ricketts, B.E. Myers and T.G. Roberts

13   Characteristics and Employer Perspectives in Undergraduate Animal Industry Internships
  K.Bennett-Wimbush and M. Amstutz

14   Texas A&M University Student Life Skill Development and Professional Achievement from Participation on a Collegiate Judging Team
  Clay A. Cavinder, Brooke Byrd, Jake Franke and Glenn Holub

15   Knowledge and Utilization of Authentic Assessment Techniques by Lecturers in Botswana College of Agriculture
  Idowu O. Oladele

16   Explaining Student Cognition during Class Sessions in the Context Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development
  John C. Ewing, Daniel D. Foster and M. Susie Whittington

17   Academic Coaching for Enhanced Learning
  Andrew Barkley

18   NACTA Reprint-Why go to College for Agriculture
  Fred Schab

19   Teaching Tips/ Notes
  Various Authors

20   NACTA Yesterday
  James McKenna

21   Book Reviews
  Various Authors

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