NACTA 2006 Conference Tours

On the afternoon of Thursday June 8, you have a choice of three included tours, described below. Please choose the one you prefer when you register.“Walking our talk: Pedagogical field experiences”

Participants in each of the tours will have the opportunity to journey to sites of interest in the greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions. We will engage in problem-based group work to make connections between experiences at the sites and teaching in our diverse disciplines.

NACTA Tour 1
Horticulture: Technology and Biosecurity

Delta greenhouseHorticulture in the Lower Fraser Valley of British Columbia faces a range of challenges. Key issues are biosecurity, the adoption of new technology, environmental impacts and conflicts between horticulture operations and suburban interests over farming practices. This field trip will visit one of the larger greenhouse vegetable operations, a combined retail and production nursery, and a seedling nursery to explore varying aspects of these issues.

NACTA Tour 2
Agriculture on the Fraser Delta/Pacific Flyway

Snow geese in a fieldFarmers on British Columbia’s Fraser River delta, operate within an internationally significant wildlife area, while coping with the constraints and opportunities of farming in Vancouver’s urban shadow. We will be visiting a mixed family farm with dairy and horticultural enterprises, a cutting-edge vegetable greenhouse, and observe the projects initiated by the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust, a unique community-based conservation organization. Opportunities for academic connections will also be discussed.

NACTA Tour 3
Urban Agriculture

young farmersOur tour will begin at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm where we will visit a student-driven farm centred on its market garden and free range poultry flock. The Farm’s outreach initiatives will provide a good transition to stops in the City of Vancouver to view the YWCA’s rooftop food garden, and Strathcona Community Garden - the oldest in Vancouver