Poster Presentations

A pdf version of the Poster Presentations schedule is available here.

Poster Title & Author
1A The Interdependence of Research, Agricultural Extension Services and Farmers in Ethiopia
A.T. Haimanot, B.C.
1B Continuous Curriculum Improvement: A Case Study
A. Hill, P. Wolf & F. Evers, University of Guelph
1C Integrating Effective Writing Skills Into The Agricultural Sciences
Barry Croom, North Carolina State University
1D Recruiting Students with Agricultural Biotechnology
Elizabeth Wilson, North Carolina State University
2A The Making of a Permaculture Major
B. Battisti & G. Bridges, University of California - Davis
2B A Description of Chapter Participation in the 2000-2005 Texas FFA Area Leadership Development Events
Bryn Behnke, M. Beverly, S. Kelley, D. Ullrich, D. Pavelock & R. Hanagriff, Sam Houston State University
2C Can Students, Rather Than Tutors, Facilitate Learning in Problem-based Learning (PBL) Groups?
C.A. Rideout & G.E. Chapman, University of British Columbia
2D Learning from the Experience of Your Peers: Students Identify Tips and Challenges for Effective Research in a ….
C.A. Rideout & G.E. Chapman, University of British Columbia
3A Melding Interdisciplinary Research with Teaching in Precision Agriculture
C.R. Dillon, S.A. Shearer & T.G. Mueller, University of Kentucky - Lexington
3B Closing the Gap Between the Consumer and the Producer: Student Outreach and Extension
Christopher H. Vitelli & Nicholas E. Fuhrman, University of Florida - Gainesville
3C Teaching Critical Thinking Skills through International Field Trip Experiences
R.D. Rudd & C.R. Friedel, University of Florida - Gainesville
3D E-Portfolios: Fostering Cross-Curricular Reflection of Applied and Core Course Instruction in the Agricultural Sciences
DeeAnne Kimmel & Dale Layfield, Clemson University
4A Connections Beyond The Classroom: Construction Of A Campus Garden
D.T. Stearns, Pennsylvania State University
4B Growth Stages: An Enrollment Management Plan for The Department Of Agronomy
D.J. Minihan, M.D. Ransom, G.M. Pierzynski & D.B. Mengel, Kansas State University
4C Strategies For Communicating Across Language Barriers
D. Brown, J. Cano, J. Ewing, J. Velez & S. Whittington, The Ohio State University
4D College, Careers, and Majors: Helping our Students Ask the Right Questions
D. Brown, J. Cano, J. Ewing, J. Velez & S. Whittington, The Ohio State University
5A Teacher Efficacy Change in Agriculture Faculty Following a Series of Teaching Methods Workshops Presented by IFT Teachers in Secondary Education
Jason Peake, J.C. Ricketts, D. Duncan, R. Herren & D. Webb, University of Georgia
5B How Effective are Debates as a Learning Tool?
D. Reaves (Virginia Tech) & R. Hinson (Louisiana State University)
5C “Name That Tool Project”: Facilitating Learning Around Novel Objects Used in Animal Agriculture
N.J. Wolanski, F.E. Robinson & B. Wuetherick, University of Alberta
5D Working Students of America: How Do They Balance the Load?
F. Eivazi & M.L. Banks, Lincoln University of Missouri
6A Clicking or Collecting-College Students’ Performance and Motivation in a Horticulture Plant Identification Course
L.L. Hayden, G. Kling, N.A. Knobloch & J.J. Potts, University of Illinois - Urbana
6B Using Service Learning to Connect Across the Curriculum
Gary Moore, North Carolina State University
6C Experiential Learning Model for Value-Added Agricultural Marketing
B. Boetel & G. Onan, University of Wisconsin - River Falls
6D Professional Development Needs of Selected Iowa Extension Professionals
G. Miller & W.W. Miller, Iowa State University
7B Water Quality Improvement Through Community-Campus Partnerships
J.A. Gleichsner, Fort Hays State University
7C Preparing Underrepresented Animal Science Students for Success
J. Pedergraft, Sul Ross State University
7D Global Business Learning Partnership
J.P. Carlson & K.J. Bacon, Western Illinois University
8A Five-Iteration Online Survey Method Replicates Response Pattern Curves seen by other Researchers
J.White, G. Wingenbach, S. Degenhart, J. Smith (all of Texas A&M University) & T. Pannkuk (Sam Houston State University)
8B Previous Exposure to Instructor Techniques Impacts Performance
M.E. Hockett, B.S. Seabolt & K.D. Ange-van Heugten, North Carolina State University
8C Cortisol Measures Indicate Exam Date is Significant Stressor For Students
Kimberly Ange-van Heugten & M.E. Hockett, North Carolina State University
8D Utilizing Global Positioning System Training Kits
Larry Thurow, Parkland College
9A Relation of Career Exploratory Beliefs to Career Certainty of Undergraduate Agriculture Students
Levon T. Esters, Iowa State University
9B An Ornamental Summer Institute for High School Students: Observations
L. Marsh, C. Cotton & R. Dadson, University of Maryland and Eastern Shore
9C Experiential Learning in Study-Abroad Courses
D. Tilley (Oklahoma State University) & M. Tilley (California Polytechnic State University)
9D Virtual Soil Identification and Classification
M. Krzic (UBC), A. Bomke (UBC), C. Cross (Trinity Western University), K. Watson (Thompson Rivers University), A. van Ryswyk (Agri-Food Canada), T. Ballard (UBC), C. Crowley (UBC), P. Sanborn (University of Northern British Columbia)
10A Evaluating University Teaching: A Summary Report of Student Ratings
M. Beverly & S. Kelley, Sam Houston State University
10B The Distance Learning Masters of Agricultural Leadership: The Challenges and Realities of a Small and Very Eclectic Group
M. Navarro, J. Ricketts, D. Duncan, J. Peake, C. Langone & F.R. Rohs, University of Georgia
10C Assessment of Service-learning in an Environmental Management Systems Curriculum
M. Walsh, Louisiana State University
10D Simple and Powerful Laboratory Exercises in Turfgrass Nutrition
M.J Schlossberg, P.J. Cook, I.E. Hersh & D.R. Moody, Pennsylvania State University
11A A Model for Connecting Work With College-Level Learning Experiences
M.S. Retallick & C. Steiner, Iowa State University
11B EPortfolios: Bridging The Traditional Definition Of Curriculum
M.E. Reinert, Pennsylvania State University
11C The Impact of Using Student Performed Educational Skits in a Large Technical Writing Class
N.E. Fuhrman & H. Ladewig, University of Florida - Gainesville
11D Distance Education: Connecting the Opportunities
P. Teig & W. Miller, Iowa State University
12A Parterning to Enhance Natural Resource Education in Tribal Communities
P. Teig, M. deBaca, J. Stubben, and J. Decker, Iowa State University
12B Up and Running: The Worldwide Greenhouse Education Website - An Instructor Resource
M. McMahon (The Ohio State University), G. Giacomelli (University of Arizona), M. Tignor (University of Vermont), C. Kubota (University of Arizona), S. Wilson (University of Florida - Gainesville), E. Rhoades (University of Florida - Gainesville), E. Fitz-Rodriques (University of Arizona) & T. Irani (University of Florida - Gainesville)
12C Teaching Agriculture through a General Education Life Science Course for Non-Majors
R. Miller & B.K. Warnick, Utah State University
12D Faculty Development Training Kits to Enhance Math and Science in the Classroom Using an Agricultural Context
Rick Parker, AgrowKnowledge
13A General Education Course in Hungary/Ukraine
R.J. Vos, Dordt College
13B Teaching Computer and Technological Concepts in Agricultural Engineering
S.F. Kelly, California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
13C The Use of Interactive Cost of Production in Teaching Agribusiness Management
S. Shehata, University of Hawai’i
13D Faculty’s Perception of the “Student Evaluation of Instruction” Form as a Tool for Assessing Teaching Effectiveness
S. Rahnema, P. Kroll & F. Jennings, Ohio State University - ATI
14A What Affects Middle School Students Attitudes toward STEM Careers?
S. Degenhart, G. Wingenbach, K. Dooley, D. Mowen, J. Lindner & L. Johnson, Texas A&M University
14B Career Preparedness of Agricultural Education Graduates: A Five Year Follow-Up Study
T.S. Teuton, T.H. Murphy & G.J. Wingenbach, Texas A&M University
14C Developing an Outcome Assessment Program in Plant and Soil Sciences
T. Cerny-Koenig, C. Perillo, K. Willemsen & C. Pearson-Mims, Washington State University
14D Improved Postsecondary Campus Collaboration in Agricultural Education
D.M. Moore & T.D. Park, Cornell University
15A Motivating Tomorrow’s Scientists to be Students of Teaching and Learning
Walter L. Hurley & Anna L. Ball, University of Illinois - Urbana
15B Graduation Rates by Student Race/Ethnicity
W.L. Banwart & F.W. Simmons, University of Illinois - Urbana
15C Global Resource Systems Program: History, Opportunities and Challenges
Brent Skura, University of British Columbia
15D Reflective Inquiry Based Professional Development: A New Approach to an Old Challenge
David Jones, University of Florida - Gainesville