Competitions were held in 13 contest areas with 876 students competing. Nineteen four-year division schools competed and 21 two-year division schools competed. The four-year division sweepstakes was won by Northwest Missouri State University while the two-year division was won by Butler Community College.


Derek Dick from Coffeyville Community College chaired the business meeting with Terrill Bradford from the University of Minnesota Crookston serving as Secretary. Derek Dick was elected to another two year term. Coffeyville Community College announced it will donate $1000 to the Coaches Fund award. A storm that passed through the area sent many teams home early and others were forced to wait until the storm passed. Needless to say it created an extra challenge the last day of contests and the evening of the banquet.


A motion of commendation was made to present at the banquet to express appreciation to Derek Dick and all workers for their hospitality and excellent set of contests. Given the storm, it is desired we re-express that appreciation in this liaison report as justice may not have been given to Coffeyville Community College given the weather that challenged the events on Saturday.


The 2013 NACTA Judging competition will be held at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas on April 3-5 2013. The host school will not let schools register next year if their Institutional dues are not paid.


Future sites include:

2014 –Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO

2015 – Blackhawk University, Galva, IL


Report submitted by Lyle E. Westrom