At the 2018 national meeting (minutes attached) it was suggested that we create short podcasts that could share best practices/teaching tips for education abroad.  I’m sure that we are open to other means of internationalizing our colleges as well. 

               What: Podcast- Some of our members indicated that this is becoming their most preferred media for these types of sharing/learning.  They can listen while driving, flying, running, anywhere.  If you prefer to do an asynchronous webinar, we can handle that too.

Topics: Anything that you are either passionate or expert in sharing.  It could be as narrow as “What not to do in Timbuktu” or as broad as “Why Education Abroad?”.   

Length: Variable- my general sense is at least 10 minutes, not more than an hour.

How: You record it (using software you have available at your home university), send it to me/share it with me, I get it posted to the NACTA website and send out an announcement that it is there.

               When: One of our goals is to get a podcast or alternative posted each quarter.  First one in August!  If we get more than three volunteers, we’ll post more often.

               Why: We are all “experts” even if it is at being a beginner.  Share what you know with others and join in international community!  As an added bonus, it could be a nice addition to your CV.

Please respond to this e-mail if you are interested in creating a podcast or other sharing media.

Safe travels,

Kelly A. Newlon, PhD Candidate

CFAES Director of Education Abroad | OIA Education Abroad Specialist
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