The Educational Issues and Teaching Improvement Committee is an excited collaborator with the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) and the Global Teach Ag Network to provide our committee’s first online professional learning experience. All are welcome to this impactful, engaging collaborative learning experience.

The APLU will present a multi-phased, interactive experience focused on their recent study entitled, “Integrating Employability Skills in the Classroom, Laboratory and Beyond.” Receiving responses from approximately 11,500 employers, alumni, students, and faculty, the survey identified 11 critical growth skills new graduates are less prepared for according to all stakeholders.

All NACTA members and friends will be able to actively participate in phase 1 and phase 3. Seventy-two members will be able to experience phase 2 (so plan to sign up quickly!). Here are the three phases [Total of 3-hours] of our experience:
  1. Phase 1: Read & Reflect on the recently reviewed/published NACTA Journal Article. [Estimated Time: 60-minutes]
  2. Phase 2 (For 72 lucky members): We will offer two opportunities (10am CDT and 1pm CDT) for a 45-minute interactive deep dive into the top three critical employability skills of ‘Feedback’, ‘Conflict’, and ‘Expectations’.  [Estimated Time: 45-minutes]
  3. Phase 3: All (regardless of participation in Phase 2) are invited to join a Dialogue at 4pm with Study Leaders as well as a representative from each deep dive to review results from the recent APLU study, hear outcomes from the deep dive discussions, and learn about methods to facilitate student learning in areas critical to industry employment.  [Estimate Time 75 minutes]
Registration for this event will be made available on June 9, 2020. Phase 2 deep dives will begin at 10:00am Central Standard Time (CST) and again at 1 pm CST. Each session will last approximately 45 min. Phase 3, the Dialogue, will begin at 3 pm CST and will include not only a presentation on the latest survey findings, but also provide an opportunity to interact with presenters through a virtual question and answer discussion session.

Best of all, registration and participation for this event is free. Please save the date and remember to register early for this unique and exciting opportunity (and invite your colleagues! It is more fun to learn together!). 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Brian Pearson, Chair
NACTA Educational Issues and Teaching Improvement Committee
University of Florida

Wendy Fink, Executive Director

Daniel Foster, Innovation Specialist
Global Teach Ag Network
Penn State University

Melanie Miller Foster, Global Learning Specialist
Global Teach Ag Network
Penn State University