It's time once again to solicit names of those interested in serving in soon-to-be-open positions on the NACTA Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the governing body that provides leadership and direction for NACTA, and all the various programs and activities. Details on each position can be found below.



Deadline for Nomination: February 28, 2021 at 5PM ET.

Term Length: 3-year commitment (president-elect; president; past-president), to commence at the conclusion of the 2021 NACTA Annual Meeting in June.

Duties as Described in Bylaws:
The general duties of the President-Elect shall be to: (a) serve in lieu of the President if the President cannot serve; (b) provide assistance and advice to the president as requested; (c) assume the office of President following completion of a one-year term as President-Elect; and (d) chair the Murray Brown Leadership Award Committee.

The general duties of the President shall be to: (a) preside at the annual conference of the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture and meetings of the Executive Committee; (b) establish ad hoc committees with the approval of the Executive Committee and appoint members to these committees; (c) act as the official representative of the Association unless a representative is otherwise appointed; (d) serve, as appropriate, as an ex-officio member of any committee; (e) ensure that future conference host sites for five years into the future are identified with dates and the contact person listed on the NACTA website, and (f) receive the external audit financial report and provide a copy to the Treasurer

Pro-Tips from Past Leaders:

  • Having the honor of leading a “go-to” professional organization and realizing that there are so many talented and dedicated agricultural teachers/leaders that work so hard to make NACTA the success that it is.
  • Promote the tremendous opportunity NACTA provides for faculty, staff, and students to share best practices and promote the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Learn the power of working with dedicated member volunteers. Further, your collaborative leadership skills and use these in numerous situations on your campus. NACTA is a great place to grow as a leader.

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Deadline for Nomination: February 28, 2021 at 5PM ET.

Term Length: 2-year commitment to commence at the conclusion of the 2021 NACTA Annual Meeting in June.

Duties as Described in Standing Rules:
The general duties of the Secretary/Treasurer shall be to: (a) serve as an active conduit for communication between the Executive Committee, executive management firm, and members (if necessary); (b) be knowledgeable of the organization’s records and related materials, and provide advice and resources to the Executive Committee when necessary; (c) provide signatory authority for financial transactions of the organization; and (d) support the Executive Committee as they discharge their fiduciary duties.

The Secretary/Treasurer is a member of the NACTA Executive Committee and is expected to attend the monthly (1 hour) online Executive Committee meeting.

Now Elected Position:

  • Revisions to the NACTA Bylaws approved by the membership at the 2020 annual conference (virtual) established the role of secretary/treasurer as an elected position.

Submit Your Nomination

 If any of these opportunities to expand your influence in agriculture education while advancing the work of NACTA fits your personal career goals, then the Nomination Committee invites you to submit your nomination for one of these positions

To submit your nomination or self-nomination by February 28, 2021, 5 PM ET, please click here.

We look forward to hearing from the membership and thank you for your continued commitment to the NACTA mission.