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The NACTA Journal is still accepting applications for seven Editorial Board positions. The terms of these positions will initially be for 2 or 3 years so that all positions do not turn over at the same time. Each of the positions may be renewed for a second 3-year term. The details of these seven positions are presented below.

Deadline for Application - March 18, 2021

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Four Associate Editors - Manuscript Review
These positions will be appointed by the Editor-in-Chief. The Associate Editors - Manuscript Review would be assigned Associate Editor Status on the manuscript handling system and would each be assigned a list of manuscripts to work with by the Editor-in-Chief. The assignments would be made based on manuscript topic and workload with one Associate Editor responsible for each submitted manuscript. The Associate Editors - Manuscript Review would assign reviewers, receive completed reviews and make a recommendation on the fate of the manuscript and communicate this to Editor-In-Chief who would make the final decision. The manuscript topics currently used are:

  • Innovative Teaching and Learning
  • Global Education
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Online Programming
  • College / University Curriculum
  • K-12 Curriculum
  • Community Learning / Extension

Ideally, the four Associate Editors - Manuscript Review could each cover three of these topic areas.

One Associate Editor – Annual Conference Abstract review
This position will be appointed by the Editor-in-Chief. This Associate editor will work with the annual conference planning committee to prepare the call for abstract submission abstracts (November 1). This individual may update the categories for abstract submission taking into account the annual meeting theme.  The abstract submission site closes on the first Monday in February. At that point, this Associate Editor will assign the abstracts to reviewers and make decisions about acceptance/rejection based on those reviews by the first Thursday in April. Other responsibilities include working with program committee to schedule presentations (abstracts, symposia, workshops, keynote address, Blue Ribbon speaker, Etc.). Historically, there are usually about 200-300 abstracts submitted for the annual conference. This position is unique in that it has a busy season from February 1 until the Annual Conference, with limited responsibilities outside of this window of time. 

One Associate Editor – Teaching Tips (NACTA Café)
This position will be appointed by the Editor-in-Chief. This position will involve handling the teaching tip submissions. These are not sent out for review, so this individual would suggest editorial changes, approve/reject teaching tip submissions. It is planned that this position would also assist in expansion of learning object submissions to potentially include other learning objects (videos, software, podcasts, book reviews Etc.). The 2020 Journal Task Force, included expanding this area to include the development of a platform to encourage dialogue between NACTA members and learning object submitters in a dynamic “coffee-house” atmosphere on a designated site on the NACTA Webpage. This position welcomes an individual with vision and creativity to make these ideas a reality.

One Associate Editor – Web Content
This position will be appointed by the Editor-in-Chief. This Associate Editor would serve to provide oversight and regular refreshing of the NACTA website. The individual would work with JulNet staff (who would be responsible for implementing changes) to ensure the site is current, well organized and engaging.

How to Apply

The deadline for submission of applications will be March 18, 2021.

Please submit your application online by filling out the form here.

You will be prompted to enter the following information.

  • The Associate Editor position(s) you are interested in
  • Preferred initial term (2 or 3 years)
  • Reasons for interest in serving NACTA in this role as an Associate Editor
  • Previous reviewing, editing or leadership roles related to the Associate Editor position(s) of interest
  • Names (and email address) of 3 NACTA members who support this application (may be contacted in the application process)
  • A brief (3-page max) CV

This may be an excellent opportunity for you to volunteer to help serve NACTA in a role that matches your interests, skill, and future aspirations. If you have any questions or would like more background into what these positions involve, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information at ." target="_blank">..