The 2021 NACTA Virtual Annual Conference will feature five unique and engaging workshops throughout the online conference. One of our first-time workshops is Great Expectations: Designing Rubrics to Clarify Student Expectations. This course will be given on Wednesday, June 23, and will be led by Becky Haddad and Melissa Millhollin.

Great Expectations: Designing Rubrics to Clarify Student Expectations
Presenters: Becky Haddad - University of Minnesota and Melissa Millhollin - Oregon State University
Date and Time: Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM EDT

Rubrics should allow students to self-assess their ability to create high-quality work rather than identify the means by which to secure a desirable grade. This focus is transferable across content areas, course formats, and delivery methods. Without limiting creative feedback, rubric type, content, structure, and evaluation can contribute to enhancing both teacher practice and student work. In working with rubrics, we aim to share collaborative strategies for team teaching, best practice for course design and enhancement, and rubric alignment with assignments. We also recognize and look to share challenges in developing rubrics, as a means to prevent confusion in development to maximize instructor autonomy while enhancing transparency around expectations.
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