Build your network, your expertise, and your profile by becoming an active member of the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture! NACTA can give you access to a worldwide network of active and like-minded people, and a really good way to do this is to become an active member of one of the committees helping to build the organization.

During the NACTA Virtual Annual Conference, swing in for more information on joining a standing working committee. There will be two opportunities to meet committee members during the week.

Committee Information and Welcome Meet and Greet
Committees: Membership & Public Relations, Global Engagement, Foundation Advisory
Date and Time: Tuesday, June 22, 2021, 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Membership and Public Relations Committee
Shelly Sitton, Chair

The Membership and Public Relations Committee (a) provides recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding membership policies and procedures; (b) conducts membership recruitment activities; and (c) conducts public relations activities.

Global Engagement Committee
Melanie Miller Foster, Chair

The Global Engagement Committee (a) disseminates items of interest to NACTA members concerning international agriculture; (b) encourages publication of articles on international agriculture in the NACTA Journal; and (c) serves as liaison between NACTA and other organizations involved in international agriculture. 

Foundation Advisory Board
Kevin Donnelly, Chair

The duties of the Foundation Advisory Committee shall be to: (a) meet formally during the NACTA annual conference for the purpose of providing review, advice, and support to the NACTA Foundation Director; (b) identify priorities and initiatives that encourage, promote, and reward instructional excellence to be supported by the foundation; (c) review and approve financial transactions of the Foundation; and (d) review and approve annual Foundation financial report presented to the NACTA members at the annual business meeting.
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Committee Information and Welcome Meet and Greet
Committees: Experiential Learning, Educator Recognition and Educational Issues & Teaching Improvement Committees
Date and Time: Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Experiential Learning Committee
Mac Burgess, Chair

The Undergraduate Experiential Learning Committee (a) collaborates with the judging conference liaison to intentionally extend the purposes of NACTA through the Judging conference; (b) explores creative opportunities for NACTA to enhance undergraduate experiential learning; (c) develops stronger career preparation and skill development opportunities through enhanced relationships with agricultural and environmental business leaders and companies; and (d) works with the Educational Issues and Teaching Improvement Committee to recommend programs for the annual conference focused on the implementation and assessment of experiential learning activities.

Educator Recognition Committee,
Shyam Nair, Chair

The general responsibilities of the Educator Recognition Committee shall be to: (a) establish and publish policies and guidelines for the teaching awards; (b) receive nomination materials; (c) determine the award recipients; and (d) post the names of award recipients to the NACTA Teaching Awards website within four weeks following the annual conference.

Educational Issues and Teaching Improvement Committee
Rebekah Oliver, Co-Chair
Carrie Pickworth, Co-Chair

The Educational Issues and Teaching Improvement Committee (a) solicits and responds to member needs regarding programs and activities for instructional improvement; (b) identifies, develops, sponsors, and conducts specific teaching and learning related activities such as Blue Ribbon presentations, round-tables, symposia, and workshops at the annual conferences; and (c) provides recommendations and assistance to the editor regarding the publishing of materials.
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