NACTA seeks to inspire achievement at the highest levels of excellence. Recognizing and honoring individuals whose efforts represent the very best in the teaching of agriculture, environmental, natural or life sciences at the post-secondary level are central to NACTA. At the same time, NACTA seeks to encourage our honored colleagues to share their methods of achieving excellence. This year, NACTA is proud to have awarded 70 educators with one of the six possible Teaching Awards. Below is a complete list of the winners. 
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NACTA Graduate Student Teaching Award Recipients
Katrina Alford Amador Gonzales Mary Kate Morgan
Kenzie Bastian Karen Hiltbrand Gergely Motolai
Erika Shay Bauer J. "Clay" Hurdle Annie Muscato
Ednaldo Borgato Sevendeep Kaur Thiago Noetzold
Tyler Carney Kane Kinion Nicole Nunoo
Hannah Chambers Liva LaMontagne Justin Pulley
Jama Coartney Carson Letot Andrea Rubio
Amy Collins-Warfield Kelly Lobean McKinley Elizabeth Simmermeyer 
Katie Corbitt Miranda McGuire Chandima Wekumbura W.B.
Sophie Farlow Lindsey McNeill Paige Williams
Kendra Flood Daniela Medina Heather Young
Selena Garrison Brett Milliken Sarah Zerger

NACTA Educator Awards
David Anderson Kelly George Carley Morrison
Maria Bampasidou Francesca Hand Jera Niewoehner-Green
Deborah Barry Margaret Hoffman Sushil Paudyal
Terence Bradshaw Vanessa Hull Becky Raulerson
Marc Branham Tasia Kendrick Heloisa Rutigliano
Katheryn Cerny Wendy Klooster Elsa Sanches
Kevin Curry Jr. Sarah LaRose Andrew Sherfy
Alyssa Degreenia Audrey Luke-Morgan Robert Strong Jr.
Leah Diehl Sallie McHugh Grant Thompson
Antonio Faciola Doohong Min Monica VanKlompenberg
Jeneen Fields Joy Morgan Benjamin Wenner
Zhifeng Gao

NACTA Faculty Teaching Award of Merit Certificates 2021 - 2022
Adam Almeida Rose Judd-Murray Nicole Pietrasiak
Sabastian Anderson Emma Kubinski Cheyne Sato
Justin Bergeman Lawton Lanier Nalley Garrett Sawatzky
Holly Clement Marisa Maemori Serene Smalley
Bryce Currey Marley Manoukian Lance Stott
Uduak Edet Eden Manuel Jennifer Thompson
Crystal Eustice Michael Maw Sonet Van Zyl
Justin Gay Sarah McCoski Chelsey Walchuk
Maria Givler Sushil  Paudyal Fran Walley
Kathleen Jogan Von Peavy Kailey Wilt

NACTA Teaching Scholar Award
Amr Abd-Elrahman
Neil Knobloch
Carrie Pickworth

Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology Award
Wagner Vendrame

Consider nominating someone for one of the 2023 NACTA Awards. Award nominations are due February 1, 2023. Complete details can be found on the NACTA website.

Congratulations to all the award winners this year!