The fall semester is fast approaching and the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) can be a valuable resource to both teachers and students of agriculture. Do you know any educators who would benefit from a NACTA membership? Here are six reasons they should join NACTA!

  • Qualification for NACTA Teaching Awards - To be nominated for one of NACTA's respected teaching awards, one must be an active member of NACTA. 
  • All issues of the NACTA Journal, current and past - This journal presents manuscripts based on the scholarship of teaching and learning, creative thought, theoretical models, and case studies in which the teaching and learning experience is examined through a theoretical framework and the implications for application are fully explored.
  • No manuscript charge for publication in the NACTA journal - NACTA members enjoy a waived publication fee to submit and publish in the NACTA Journal. That's a saving of $200 per article!
  • Reduced registration fee for the NACTA Annual Conference - Next year, NACTA is headed to Las Cruces, New Mexico from June 19-23, 2023! The NACTA Conference offers a host of keynote speakers, workshops, presentations, and more! All members of NACTA receive a reduced rate during their registration. 
  • Access to registration for the Annual Judging Conference - Registration for the Annual Judging Conference is restricted to our 2-year and 4-year school members. We hope to see your school participate in this year's judging on April 12-15, 2023 as we go to Modesto, California!
  • Representation from our Regional Directors - NACTA is divided into five distinct regions with a director who will be your voice in the NACTA Executive Committee for any regional matters. The regions are Eastern, Central, Wester, Southern, and Canadian. Click here to learn which region you fall under!

Joining NACTA is easy! Visit the NACTA website today at and click "Membership". 

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