The NACTA 2023 Annual Conference in Las Cruces, New Mexico will offer many opportunities to connect with and learn from others who share the same passion for the improvement of teaching and learning in agriculture, food and natural resources. The annual NACTA conference will provide you with new teaching techniques, ideas and resources. It is also one of the best professional development activities for networking with other teaching professionals where the common discipline is “teaching.” Our keynote speaker for this year's conference will be Barbara Chamberlin from our host school, New Mexico State University.

N23 Barbara Chamberlin

A Fully Charged Educational Experience — What Technology Should Mean for Our Students

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 21, 2023 8:45 - 10:00 AM
Presenter: Barbara Chamberlain - New Mexico State University
Digital technologies are gaining steam in agricultural production, processing, research and communications — but what does that mean for our classrooms? Beyond digital slides and online course assignments, our views of technology can impact our students' competencies and capabilities. Barbara will review what “technology in the classroom” means to us in 2023, and how we can do to help our students move forward in the digital world.

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