To help raise youth’s agricultural literacy, K-12 teachers can infuse agricultural topics into other subjects. However, time, resource availability, school culture, and knowledge and beliefs about agriculture affect teachers’ integration. In this study, we investigate whether educators were incorporating agricultural topics, resources, and activities into their classrooms six to 18 months after attending a two-day farm tour and what factors impact such incorporation. Findings reveal that teachers used agricultural activities, resources, and topics. Lack of time, funds, and supportive school culture emerged as barriers to infusing agriculture in the classroom. Furthermore, teachers desired to connect students with agriculture; they also valued their own interactions with agricultural industry and other educators. We include recommendations for organizations planning interventions, including incorporating ample discussion time and intentional community-building activities, focusing on lesson planning ideas, allowing participants to meet with farmers outside of interventions, and utilizing diverse agricultural sites. Researchers recommend additional research that further investigates barriers and opportunities for infusing agriculture in the classroom and more longitudinal research on agricultural tours and interventions.